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Olympia Recap: Team Evogen Did NOT Disappoint

Olympia Recap: Team Evogen Did NOT Disappoint

This past weekend was the 2020 Mr. Olympia competition, and this was a show for the record books! With everything that has gone on this year, the fitness and bodybuilding community came together yet again, this time to end the year with a bang and a sense of normalcy. "The Pro Creator" Hany Rambod prepped his Team Evogen athletes for what was one of the greatest showdowns ever to grace the Olympia stage. Therefore, an Olympia recap is in order.

Bodybuilding and fitness fans from all over the world made their way to Olympia central in the heart of Orlando, FL. The weather was terrific, and fans were posting images on their social media of the fantastic venue, the great accommodations at the Hyatt, pics from inside the venue at the stage that Dan Solomon, Jake Wood, and their entire team worked tirelessly to bring so that the fan would have the ultimate experience, and there were even some shots from Disney where fans took a slight detour from the event and went out to enjoy the surrounding entertainment that Orlando had to offer.

That being said, when it was show time on Friday and Saturday night, butts were planted in the seats of Orange County Convention Center, and all eyes were on the competitors. With many in attendance, and thousands watching via Pay-Per-View at home, the Mr. Olympia competition went off without a hitch.

Below is an Olympia recap to fill you in on all of the Team Evogen athletes' details, how they looked on stage, and how they placed.


Hadi Choopan – 4th Place Men's Open Bodybuilding 

When Hadi Choopan stepped on the Mr. Olympia stage in 2019, many saw the potential that this man had. And while there was much speculation on whether or not Hadi would actually be able to make it to the states to compete this year due to some visa issues, he found a way to make it happen and, once again, showed the world that he means business.

The moment Hadi stepped out onto the stage, everyone's eyes turned into the size of a beachball. Hadi Choopan was big, conditioning, and held his own next to the likes of previous champions, Brandon Curry and Phil Heath – and once again beat out a previous Mr. Olympia champion in the great Dexter Jackson.

After the names were called, Hadi Choopan landed in 4th place, behind a stacked lineup of bodybuilders. Hadi brought his best package and, without a doubt, will continue his quest to be the best in the world. With the work ethic this man has, there better be room on his mantel for a Sandow trophy, as one day he's going to take home the hardware. You can be certain that Hany and Hadi are already sitting at the table planning out their 2021 game plan on how to bring him in even bigger and tighter next year.


Andrei Deiu – 5th Place Men's Physique

There aren't many competitors who hit the scene, and in their first Mr. Olympia appearance, can break the top 5 (or even the top 10 for that matter). But Andrei Deui isn't just any competitor. Andrei put in the work to solidify and earn his placing at this year's Olympia. Standing next to the best in the world, Andrei Deui placed 5th out of 31 competitors. 

Team Evogen athlete Andrei Deiu brought a great v-taper, superb conditioning, and enough size to provide an eye-catching 3D effect to his physique. His poses from the back looked great, and his physique from head to toe flowed nicely. You could tell by the smile on his face that Andrei was taking it all in and enjoying every minute of the experience.

5th place is nothing to hang your head at for your first Mr. Olympia showing, and Andrei is already excited to get back to his training and see what he can bring to the stage in 2021.


Ismael Martinez – 16th Place Men's Physique

At his second Mr. Olympia competition, and a new addition to Team Evogen is Ismael Martinez. Ismael finished 16th this year, and while he did not place as high as he would have wished, he brought a great package to finish his year on a high note.

Everyone wishes to one day grace the Olympia stage, and Ismael Martinez can say he was able to do it twice already in his career while standing next to the best in the world and leaving it all out there to be put in the judge's hands.

After winning several shows in 2020, Team Evogen athlete Ismael Martinez will surely come back in 2021 to add to the list of wins under his belt and look to improve his placing at the Mr. Olympia competition.


Sandra Grajales – 16th Place Women's Figure 

The final Team Evogen athlete to grace the stage at the Mr. Olympia competition was Women's Figure competitor Sandra Grajales. This Mexican beauty is no stranger to the stage and has been on the Olympia stage five times previously.

Sandra Grajales brought a fantastic physique to the stage. Nicely capped shoulders, separation in her quads, and great conditioning in her back. The lineup was fierce, full of impressive physiques, and Sandra ended up placing 16th this year. 

With 2021 only weeks away, Sandra is excited to see what she is able to do in the off-season to get ready for the stage once the shows start up again in the new year.


Olympia Recap for Team Evogen: We Are PROUD of YOU

Regardless of where you placed, we are so proud of you and the hard work you put into your prep – considering all of the things that were thrown at you from the pandemic, closing down of gyms, and even moving the Mr. Olympia competition across the entire United States just to make sure the show could go on. You looked incredible!

2021 is going to be a fantastic year for us all, and we are so happy to have all of our athletes on our team. Cheers to a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2021 from all of us here at Evogen Nutrition.


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