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Evogen Nutrition®, a globally distributed sport nutrition company, is formally announcing the winners of their 2016 Evogen Elite Model Search Contest. After reviewing thousands of entries the selection team was given a tall task to narrow down all the amazing women who entered the contest to only three finalist. 

This contest was not about who has a pro card. It wasn’t about who looked best on stage after weeks of contest preparation. This contest was also not about who had the most followers on social media. It was designed specifically with one goal in mind. That goal was to find women who embody the Evogen Elite lifestyle.

These three finalists have the ability to balance their minds and their actions, in the pursuit of breaking their genetic potential. This is what sets them apart. Focused intensity is their standard. They earned the status of Evogen Elite through unwavering discipline built upon a balanced lifestyle. They exude a humble confidence that will serve as inspiration to the global fitness community at large. This why they were chosen to represent Evogen Elite. 

CEO Hany Rambod, Team Evogen, and the thousands of other Evogen Elite fitness enthusiasts around the world would like to welcome these three women to Team Evogen.


Meet 3rd Place Winner Natasha Simpson

Learn more about Natasha Simpson


Meet 2nd Place Winner Amanda Werner

Learn more about Amanda Werner


Meet 1st Place Winner Jazmin Pineda

Learn more about Jazmin Pineda



Expect big things from Team Evogen and these three new additions to the team. Their message has been heard and will be amplified to the masses to grow and expand Hany Rambod’s message embodied by the Evogen Elite lifestyle. Evogen is always looking for likeminded fitness enthusiasts to help spread your message. Be sure to follow us for more opportunities to become part of the Evogen Elite team.

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