Hany Hammers FST-7 Biceps with Jeremy at Self Made

Team Evogen’s 4X Olympia Men’s Physique Champ Jeremy Buendia starts his #FightFor5 by hammering FST-7 biceps with Coach Hany Rambod at Self Made in Costa Mesa. After Jeremy recovered from a torn pec, the two have teamed up for another Olympia title run with the goal to send Buendia home a winner in Las Vegas. One scoop of EVP Xtreme preworkout ignitor and the champ is ready to go!

Follow along with the downloadable workout below!

EVP Xtreme was designed to help facilitate extreme training, to make your muscles POP with incredible volumization and vascularity, all the while putting you in the zone to train your ass off.

Learn all about it here.

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