Frida Paulsen-Stern is our latest addition to Team Evogen, and hands down, the most shredded Pro Bikini competitor we’ve ever signed. Frida is originally from Sweden, but now resides in Spain. She runs her own business and is a professional online trainer and posing coach.

Paulsen-Stern has been working out her whole life in some form or another.  Before she transitioned to bodybuilding, she didn’t really have any specific fitness goals that she was working towards. Frida played a lot of soccer in school and got to be pretty good at it, but after sustaining an injury she spent a lot more time in the gym working on her rehabilitation. It was during this time that she really fell in love with weight lifting and her daily training routine.

It was Frida’s peers at the gym that initially got her interested in bodybuilding and competing. She was introduced to the sport and industry when the Bikini category was still very new in Sweden, entering her first competition in 2014.

Frida immediately realized that competing was her passion from the first time she stepped on stage, and ever since then she’s been a force to reckon with. Just a few years after her introduction to the sport, Frida earned her IFBB Pro card in the 2016 Arnold Classic South Africa, and as of 2017 has placed in the top 4 in the previous four shows.

Frida’s next show is coming in March where she’ll be competing in the Bikini International division at the Arnold Classic U.S.A. As she dives in to her 2018 prep season, Frida’s focus is going to be on overall muscle definition, and building rounder glutes. Her secret to a successful prep, she says, is to stay focused on simplicity and remembering to enjoy every single step of the progress she makes. With the full support of Evogen Nutrition’s elite line of supplements, we’re excited to see where she can take her physique. Stay tuned for Frida’s total transformation in the upcoming month!

Q. When did you start working out?

A. I’ve been working out pretty much my whole life, only not knowing what my goal would be in the end. I’ve been playing soccer as long as I can remember and on a pretty high level. We have trained in the gym during off season, but I fell in love with lifting after an injury and got “forced” to pay the gym a visit every day.

Q. How did you get interested in competing?

A. I started talking to a guy at the gym, who’s now a very close friend, he introduced me to the sport and industry when bikini was still very new in Sweden. I did my first competition 2014.

Q. What do you do for a living?

A. I run my own business, online coaching and posing coach. I have a team with bikini competitors, majority from Sweden.

Q. What are your favorite exercises?

A. Hip thrusts NO DOUBT.

Q. What is your favorite body part?

A. Glutes.

Q. What was the first equipment you trained on?

A. Probably Squats and box jumps.

Q. When did you realize competing was your passion?

A. When I first stepped on stage, and of course when I won my first shows.

Q. What do you do to prepare for a show/competition?

A. I stay focused, keep it simple and remember to enjoy ever single step of the progress.

Q. How do you take advantage of the off season?

A. In my case, I’m not allowed to get bigger. I need to shape my muscle and work on details for that perfect bikini look. Right now I’m working on building rounder glutes. Also trying to loose a little bit of muscle weight in the right places – not an easy quest. And I’m trying to spent more time with family, friends and business, giving them more of my attention and love so that I can get in the game and focus on me on prep.

Q. Who is your inspiration in this sport?

A. When I first started out Marissa Rivero Mcgrath was my number 1 inspiration. The more I’ve gotten into this sport, and also Instagram, the more I have many inspirations.

Q. How has competing enhanced your life and how do you/will you use it to improve the life of others?

A. Competing has improved my life SO, SO MUCH! I’ve had the chance to get to know so many amazing and inspiring people. I’ve learned so much, especially about myself, and I’ve grown as a person. I have learned from my mistakes, but also my victories, how to be the best version of me. I’ve learned how much determination, consistency, and love can affect your life outcome. I’ve learned my own value. You can change and/or improve your life with the right mindset! These things are what I’m currently trying to supply on my social media, but also to the people I meet and work with, by being me. Living the life I learn, trying to be a good role model.

Q. What advice would you give to others that want to break into competing?

A. Be determined, stay hungry, stay humble, listen and learn, get knowledge about what you are doing, find a coach that you feel comfortable with, stay consistence and have fun! And as I usually tell my girls, posing practice is just as important as chicken and hip thrusts.

Q. What advice do you have for others interested in getting involved with a brand like Evogen?

A. Be you! Stay humble, be inspiring, share your ups and downs to help others. Be honest and get people interested in you and who you are. Be creative and show how you live your life in a fun and motivating way! Make Evogen your lifestyle.



  • Supplements

  • Meal 1

    1 scoop of IsoJect
    3/4 cup oatmeal
    1/2 cup strawberries

  • Meal 2

    1 scoop AminoJect

  • Meal 3

    5 ounces chicken
    1/2 cup rice
    10 almonds

  • Meal 4

    5 ounces chicken
    5 ounces sweet potato
    1 cup veggies

  • Meal 5

    5 ounces chicken
    5 ounces sweet potato
    1 cup veggies
    2 ounces avocado

  • Meal 6

    1 scoop of IsoJect
    1/2 cup oatmeal
    1/2 cup berries


Birthdate: July 18th 1994
Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden
Current Residence: Marbella, Spain
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 148 lbs off 130lbs on stage
Career Highlights: Arnold classic South Africa 1 place and overall – Pro Card 2016
2017 IFBB LEGEND’S BIKINI – 4th place
2017 IFBB FIT WORLD PRO BIKINI – 4th place