ProCreator Xtreme Stack

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Cell K.E.M.

Cell K.E.M. is the ultimate recovery and nitric oxide amino powerhouse designed to maximize muscle volume and gains. There is nothing else that delivers such a potent array of amino acids in precise ratios to deliver such dramatic effects in rapid time.



EVP Xtreme



In order to perform your best your body needs energy. GlyoJect provides a potent carbohydrate system along with pro-insulin ingredients to shuttle carbohydrates into your hard working muscles for maximum performance and volumizing potential.


Maximum – Endurance, Pump, & Intensity

In order to achieve the most XTREME physique, you have to train XTREME. THE PRO CREATOR XTREME STACK helps provide precision nutrients built specifically to facilitate the type of extreme training necessary to make your muscles POP with incredible volumization and vascularity, all the while putting you in the zone to train your ass off.

Putting on extreme mass and detail while not gaining fat is not a skill, but an art. Fortunately, Evogen Nutrition takes the guesswork out of the process with the Pro Creator Xtreme Stack. This precisely formulated stack was blueprinted after years of working as an aesthetic architect with top physiques. The difficulty in achieving a “3D” look is finding the precise amount of fuel needed to avoid bloating or spilling. No one understands this balance better than Evogen Nutrition. These formulations have contributed to the success of top athletes in the world, and now this stack is finally available to you. When EVP Xtreme, Cell K.E.M., and GlycoJect are combined, the synergy of these three products is XTREMELY powerful.

Cell K.E.M – Meticulously combines key muscle-building agents in precise ratios that have been proven to synergistically trigger anabolism and promote new cell growth by providing the building blocks for cellular reconstruction. Cell K.E.M. delivers the key nutrient building blocks needed to maximize this adaptive, anabolic response to trigger growth and repair after a tough training session.



EVP Xtreme – This ultimate pre-workout solution was designed to help facilitate extreme training to make your muscles POP with incredible volumization and vascularity. EVP Xtreme was precisely formulated to create more energy with less vaso constriction, giving the perfect amount of pump, energy, and training drive. Go longer and stronger in the gym, even through your toughest workouts!



GlycoJect – Glycogen is the primary fuel source for working muscles that is quickly depleted during intense training. The hyper-volumizing nutrient delivery complex in GlycoJect is designed to accelerate the uptake of glycogen & muscle-building nutrients into muscle cells to enhance performance & fuel recovery. The nutrient-driving & volumizing properties will give your muscles that round, full, skin-splitting look.