Evogen’s Lauren Findley Trains FST-7 Legs for Maximum Gains!



Team Evogen’s NPC Figure athlete Lauren Findley trains legs for maximum gains one week out from her Figure Overall win at the 2017 NPC South Jersey Championships. Build your own stems of steel with the workout below, or check out Lauren’s stage pics from her recent win here.

FST-7 Legs

FST-7 Extensions – 7 x 10-12 w/ 30 sec. rest

Smith Squats – 5 x 20 w/ 2 min. rest

Barbell Walking Lunges – 4 x 10 per leg

FST-7 Vertical Leg Press – 7 x 12-15 w/ 60 sec. rest



1.5 scoop EVP Plus

1 Scoop Cell K.E.M.

.5 scoop GlycoJect


1 Scoop Cell K.E.M.

.5 scoop GlycoJect

1 scoop AminoJect


.5 scoop GlycoJect

1 scoop IsoJect

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