Train with The Pro Creator: FST-7 Shoulders at Santa Cruz Power Fitness


On a beautiful day in the Bay Area, Hany Rambod and Team Evogen Elite took a trip over the hill into the sunny beach town of Santa Cruz and took over the newest Evogen Elite Retailer Santa Cruz Power Fitness. Owned by IFBB Pros, Chris Ellis and Camile Periat, they introduced Evogen Nutrition to their loyal members by fueling them with free samples of EVP Xtreme, AminoJect, Carnigen and Lipocide IR to prepare them for the FST-7 open training with 19X Olympia winning coach.

With over 40 participants ranging from IFBB Pros to your average gym enthusiast, Hany Rambod warmed up their shoulders with a FST-7 pre-load set. Follow The Pro Creator behind the scenes for the grueling shoulder workout. Listen closely for tips on tempo, positioning and form to maximize your workout and blood flow.

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