What is Theanine?

Do you have a hard time relaxing?  You’re not alone.  Many people find themselves stressed, anxious, unable to maintain focus, and at the end of a long day get the quality sleep they need to maintain optimal health, performance, and recovery.  Supplementing with Theanine could be the answer to their concerns.


Why should you consider using Theanine?

We all suffer from forms of stress throughout our day.  Some individuals are better able to mitigate and reduce that stress, while others not so much.  Supplementing with Theanine can help reduce anxiety and stress that many feel and suffer from.  The good news is that Theanine can do this without making you feel tired or drowsy while also helping you feel more relaxed.

Theanine is a nonessential amino acid that is commonly found in various teas such as black and green as well as mushrooms (such as the bay bolete mushroom).  Many people utilize these types of teas to help them cope with daily stress, while others look for a pill or supplement form.  The main job of Theanine in the body is to release neurotransmitters (GABA) and support nerve impulses in the brain. 

While you can utilize tea for health and performance benefits, some cannot handle the natural caffeine content found in those beverages.  It can cause jitters as well as an increase in the individual’s blood pressure.  Utilizing the power of Theanine can give you the same benefits that are found in tea but without any change to blood pressure levels.

To go along with a reduction in stress and anxiety, Theanine has been found to help improve quality of sleep – regardless if you need help falling asleep or not.  Additionally, Theanine can help reduce the number of times an individual wakes up each night.  Sleep is incredibly important to allow your body to rest and recovery from daily stress as well as the stress and demand you put it through in the gym.  Without the proper amount of rest, your body will not be able to fully recover and rebuild torn down muscle fibers from workouts.  This can hinder your ability to add quality size to your frame.

If you are looking to improve mental focus and alertness, supplementing with Theanine can help by increasing dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain.  When we are faced with multiple tasks needing our attention, it can be difficult to focus on just one thing.  Theanine has also been shown to improve attention span to help keep you dialed in when you need it most.  Theanine provides users with a plethora of benefits when it comes to cognition.  One study has even shown that supplementing with Theanine has the capability of improving memory.  The ability to calm and improve focus and memory can be extremely powerful for not only the working professional, but athletes alike.

Supplementing with Theanine can also help improve immunity and help prevent various illnesses.  This can be especially helpful when the seasons change and the temperature drops, bringing along the cold and flu season.  While it hasn’t been shown to 100% prevent individuals from getting sick, it has been shown to decrease the overall risk.

What is GABA?

We live insanely busy lives.  We run from one place to the next, one meeting after another, make time to fit in a workout, focus on our nutrition, spend time with the family, and then with all the stress that the day brings we’re supposed to get a good night’s sleep.  Well, that’s not always going to play out in our favor – or will it?  GABA is a supplement that many use when looking to decompress a little, take the edge off, and get some quality sleep.  Sleep is 100% necessary for proper recovery – both mentally and physically.  But, the benefits of GABA don’t stop there.


Why should you consider using GABA?

For starters, let’s get to know and understand GABA a little bit.  GABA stands for gamma-aminobutyric acid.  It is a neurotransmitter that sends signals and messages between your nervous system and your brain.  Its claim to fame is reducing nerve cell activity which can help provide a calming effect to the individual.  This can help benefit the individual when it comes to relaxation as well as as a sleep aid at night.

In an industry where pre-workouts and stimulants rule, many people find themselves unable to come down off their adrenaline rush to catch some z’s.  The good news is that GABA supplementation has been found to help improve your quality of sleep, even if you are still feeling the effects of caffeine from a stimulant you used earlier.  It can also do this without you waking up the next morning with what many consider a “hangover feeling” from taking other supplements or prescription medications to treat insomnia.

The benefits of GABA aren’t just for those looking for a better night’s sleep.  Many of us need to perform (mentally) at a high level at work or during an athletic competition and it has been shown that through supplementing with GABA, you can actually increase cognitive performance – providing you with what could be a considerable edge over those around you.

When combining mental focus with strength training, you have the ability to put on quality lean muscle mass.  In an effort to further enhance your muscle-building potential, researchers have found that by supplementing with GABA and combining it with a resistance training program, individual’s were able to increase growth hormone (GH) levels by as much as 400%.

Those who exercise regularly could, unfortunately, find themselves suffering from inflammation in their joints – possibly due to overuse.  This inflammation can cause pain and decrease the individual’s ability to perform or even move without discomfort (minor or severe).  Supplementing with GABA has shown that this ingredient has the ability to reduce joint inflammation, allowing you to get relief from any inflammation that could have been affecting you negatively.

To go along with the mental cognition benefits of this supplement, GABA can naturally reduce stress, anxiety, and fear.  This is great news for those who need to stay focused and perform at a high level – regardless if it’s in the boardroom, playing field, or in the gym. 

What is Glycine?

Did you know that your body contains high concentrations of glycine?  It’s true.  In fact, glycine is needed in order for your body and brain to function properly.  What is glycine?  Glycine is a non-essential amino acid that can be found in various areas of the body such as your skin, muscle, and joints.  It plays a vital role in cognitive, muscular, and metabolic functioning.  Glycine is added to many supplements on the market due to the fact that it helps transport nutrients throughout the body – which is important when trying to add muscle mass to your frame.


Why should you consider using glycine?

There are a plethora of reasons why glycine is beneficial to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.  For starters, if you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in building quality lean muscle mass.  If so, glycine can help with muscle growth.  When supplementing with glycine, you help boost overall muscle recovery as well as helping to retain your lean muscle mass as well as reduce inflammation that can occur in the body.  Glycine also has the ability to improve your energy levels naturally throughout the day without the need for stimulants.  Another area that glycine shines when it comes to muscle growth is that is can help with hormone production and regulation which can aid in dropping body fat while increasing lean muscle mass.

Due to the fact that you exercise intensely and put your body through extreme amounts of stress when weight training, your joints can very easily get banged up through overuse and being overstressed.  For that reason, supplementing with glycine should be on your radar.  Glycine has the ability to improve the health and function of your joints to keep them strong and flexible as well as repair any damages caused to the joint itself.  Healthy joints allow you to perform at a high level while in the gym and when training.

For many of us, not only are we exercising regularly to maintain our health and improve our physique, but we can’t forget about Father Time.  It’s inevitable that we all are aging – some of us faster than others.  But many individuals never knew the power glycine has on helping to slow the aging process.  Free radicals and oxidative stress can wreak havoc on our body (at the cellular level), yet when you supplement with glycine, it helps form glutathione (an extremely powerful antioxidant) that can then go in search for free radicals and destroy them before they can do harm.  By minimizing oxidative stress on the body, you are able to reduce free radical damage that can speed up the aging process.

The last piece of the equation when we talk about muscle growth is rest and recovery.  If you aren’t getting enough sleep, you are limiting your true muscle building potential.  For that reason, supplementing with glycine can help you relax to improve your overall sleep quality which improves your REM sleep and allow you to get the proper amount of rest that your body demands.  Remember, your body makes change when you rest, not while you are in the gym.  Proper rest is vital to your muscle building success.

While building quality muscle is a priority for many of us, let’s not forget about managing weight and body fat.  Glycine has you covered on that front as well.  When you supplement with glycine, it increases adiponectin (a protein hormone that aids in fat metabolism as well as managing blood glucose levels) which can help enhance weight loss and fat reduction.  The combination of muscle growth potential and weight management capabilities make glycine one tremendously powerful amino acid to add to your regimen.

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What is Tryptophan?

While many associate tryptophan with helping you get some sleep, there’s more to this amazing essential amino acid (EAA) than just that which we will get into. Tryptophan is not produced by the body, yet serves as a precursor to 5-HTP, serotonin, and melatonin. You can, however, find tryptophan naturally in foods we consume such as cheese, chicken, milk, peanuts, turkey, bananas, oats, chocolate, and more. However, to get efficacious dosages, a supplement should be considered.

When you are putting in the time in the gym and nailing your nutrition, you expect to see results. Yet, when you aren’t getting enough rest, you aren’t able to properly recover to allow your body to make the necessary changes to your physique. One thing to remember is that our body does not make change while we are exercising, but rather, it takes place when we rest and recover properly.


Why should you consider tryptophan?

We all live hectic lives – constantly on the go, constantly trying to squeeze out every last second in our day. Yet, when it’s time to unwind and get some rest, many find it difficult to shut down and fall asleep. Many will turn to prescriptions when in reality, their sleeplessness can be managed through natural supplementation.

Supplementing with tryptophan has been found to reduce the amount of time it takes individuals to fall asleep. This includes helping those who suffer from insomnia. In fact, tryptophan can help increase deep sleep and allow you to wake up feeling refreshed and energized. This can help you stay productive all day long regardless if it’s in the office, at school, or in the gym.

By increasing melatonin naturally through the supplementation of tryptophan, you have yourself a powerhouse that can improve the metabolism of nutrients you consume in your meals as well as the capability to boost your immunity. When you are better able to break down food into a usable form, and then shuttle those nutrients out to the body, you give yourself the best opportunity to improve your recovery and allowing the muscle fibers to grow back bigger and stronger. Additionally, the better your immune system, the healthier you are, the less you get sick, the harder you can train, and the faster you can see results from your training.

If you look at some of the research regarding tryptophan and weight loss, it has been shown that supplementing with this particular amino acid has the ability to help individuals consume anywhere from 19-20% fewer calories per meal by reducing your appetite.

When it comes to physical performance, the research is quite astounding. It has been shown that supplementing with tryptophan can actually improve pain tolerance and allow an individual to push themselves harder (such as in the gym training) than without tryptophan. Also, one study showed that when athletes were given a tryptophan supplement, their total exercise time was 49% greater than when without. From a muscle building perspective, supplementing with tryptophan has been shown to increase certain hormones in the body such as growth hormone and prolactin.

Having low tryptophan levels can lead to many mood disorders that can be detrimental to not only your success from training, but also your life. When tryptophan levels are normalized, many find they are less anxious, less depressed, have a reduction in nervousness, feel less tension, and feel less aggressive.

Another reason to consider tryptophan is for the mental performance benefits. Those who had lower levels showed a decline in memory over the long-term, yet when the levels were elevated, memory was enhanced as well as overall cognition and learning.

When you factor in all of the benefits from supplementing with tryptophan, you prep yourself for success by putting the building blocks in place to improve your mood, sleep, mental performance, and well-being.  The easier you can unwind, relax, and get good quality sleep, the better off you are in allowing the recovery process to take place and help allow your body to make the physical changes needed to see the health and fitness results you desire.

Lauren Findley Blasts FST-7 Back at Jersey Shore Fitness

This Summer NPC Figure athlete Lauren Findley caught up with Team Evogen at Jersey Shore Fitness to blast back. Follow the champ behind the scenes in Bradley Beach, NJ as she dials up the intensity during this FST-7 workout.

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We’re excited to announce that Carnigen Naturals in Pink Grapefruit flavor will now be joining the Evogen Naturals line of supplements. Carnigen Naturals features all-natural ingredients, excluding any artificial colors, flavors, etc., and will be released to the public in early October.

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Team Evogen Welcomes UK Superstar Andrei Deiu

Hany Rambod’s Evogen Nutrition has announced the signing of IFBB Pro League Men’s Physique Athlete and London-based fitness model, Andrei Deiu, in another move to bolster their already star-studded team of athletes. Five members of Team Evogen have already competed at this year’s prestigious Olympia weekend in Las Vegas and the addition of Andrei simply adds to the Team’s impressive portfolio and track record.

Andrei competed in his first bodybuilding competition at the age of 17, just two short years after moving from Romania to the United Kingdom with his family. At age 19, Andrei won the 2014 Miami UK Fitness & Model Championships in St. Albans near London taking the overall in Men’s Physique.

Andrei continued his impressive winning streak, placing 1st in Men’s Physique at both the UKBFF FitCon and UKBFF Portsmouth, and placing 2nd at the Arnold Classic Europe. More recently, Andrei was awarded his IFBB Pro League card at the 2017 Amateur Olympia in San Marino after placing 1st in his category.

Learn more about Andrei by checking out his Evogen profile page here.

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Team Evogen is ready for an XTREME weekend at the 54rd annual Olympia Fitness and Performance Expo in Las Vegas, NV on Friday, September 14th and Saturday, September 15th, 2018.

LAS VEGAS – Evogen Nutrition, a globally distributed sport nutrition company, is gearing up for their highly anticipated takeover of the 2018 Olympia Fitness and Performance Expo. Five members of Team Evogen Elite will be competing on this year’s prestigious Olympia stage in the Men’s Physique, Bikini, Figure and 212 divisions. Additionally, Evogen is gearing up for a major introduction of THREE NEW PRODUCTS to kick off the Olympia Expo. With so much action planned, it’s sure to be and exciting weekend.

4X Men’s Physique Oympia Champ and star Evogen athlete, Jeremy Buendia, is back for a fifth time to defend his title at this year’s Olympia. Only months after recovering from a torn pec in the off-season, our Champ is back and feeling stage ready in record time. Rambod has had Buendia training hard for the #FightFor5, and with the help of the Prep Like Buendia IR Stack, the results have been impressive. Check out some of Buendia’s recent workouts to see his  physique progress before he sets foot on the Olympia stage in Las Vegas.

Team Evogen is proud to be rooting for four additional teammates at the Olympia this year, and they couldn’t be more excited to have all of them join the Team at the expo booth:

  • IFBB Bikini Pro Frida Paulsen-Stern had a crazy busy 2018, perfecting her physique for months on end, traveling all over the globe, and placing in numerous competitions, including the Arnold Classic in both the U.S. and Australia. She’s been honing her skills in preparation for Las Vegas and she’s aiming to place in the top ten this year.
  • IFBB Bikini Pro Raphaela Milagres has outperformed many of her competitors throughout 2018, earning numerous 1st and 2nd placings. After qualifying for the Olympia this spring, she has focused her energy on building more muscle and sculpting her physique. She plans to be a contender on the Olympia stage this year.
  • IFBB Figure Pro Sandra Grajales, the latest addition to Team Evogen, has her sights on the Miss Figure Olympia title this year after winning the 2018 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro this past spring. Grajales has continued to test her own limits throughout her prep and she’s ready to bring a stellar physique to the 2018 Olympia.
  • IFBB 212 Bodybuilder Pro Hadi Choopan, the “Persian Wolf” traveling all the way from Iran, will be bringing his most chiseled physique to the 212 competition this weekend.

Evogen Nutrition will also be engaging with tens of thousands of fans at the Olympia Expo where fans will have the opportunity to meet their favorite Team Evogen Athletes including NPC Figure competitor Lauren Findley, IFBB Figure Pro Alicia Coates, and IFBB Men’s Physique Pro Andrei Deiu. During limited hours, 19X Olympia winning coach and Evogen CEO Hany “The Pro Creator” Rambod will also be attendance to meet and greet fans.

Name Friday, Sept 14th Saturday, Sept 15th
Jeremy Buendia TBD 1 hour After competition – 5pm
Frida Paulsen-Stern TBD TBD
Raphaela Milagres TBD TBD
Sandra Grajales-Ramero TBD TBD
Hadi Choopan TBD TBD
Lauren Findley 10am – 12pm, 1pm – 5pm 10am – 2pm, 3pm – 5pm
Alicia Coates 1pm – 5pm 9am – 1pm
Andrei Deiu 10am – 2pm, 3pm – 5pm 10am – 12pm, 1pm – 5pm

If you’re going to be in Las Vegas, be sure to stop by booth #975 to sample some of Evogen’s recently released products and flavors, including the powerful pre-workout formula EVP Xtreme in NEW Orange Mango, and the ultra-pure whey isolate protein IsoJect in the NEW Strawberry Smoothie and NEW Naturals Banana Mango. Wet samples will for the fast-acting thermogenic Lipocide IR in Sour Watermelon, the energy and recovery catalyst Carnigen in Watermelon, and the ever popular BCAA formula AminoJect in Cali Time Tea will also be available to taste.

Most importantly, Evogen will be offering an online pre-sale opportunity in limited quantities for its THREE NEW PRODUCTS, Evovite Powder, Evodreams and Evolog. Stay tuned through the Olympia weekend to learn more about these upcoming products!

Be sure to chat it up with their reps to learn more about the many NEW products that have been added their our growing line of supplements, all of which will be available at show special pricing throughout the Olympia weekend.

If you can’t be at the expo, then you can still join in on the action packed weekend by following Team Evogen on their social media platforms:

For more general information about the Olympia Weekend and the expo, please visit http://mrolympia.com/2018/. Tickets can purchased there as well.

Evogen Nutrition, headquartered in Campbell, California, and is a rapidly expanding, healthy lifestyle sports nutrition company that designs and creates a cutting-edge line of nutritional supplements. Founded and lead by world class trainer and bodybuilding show promoter Hany Rambod, Evogen’s elite products address all categories of an active lifestyle including muscle building, weight loss, and general fitness through a daily nutritional supplement regimen. The foundation of Evogen’s nutritional protocols are based on the world famous FST-7 physique training system invented by Rambod. Evogen Nutrition is sold in over 35 countries worldwide, including Bodybuilding.com, and Nutrition Systems. For more information, please visit http://www.EvogenNutrition.com.

Team Evogen’s Raphaela Milagres Road To The 2018 Bikini Olympia

IFBB Bikini Pro Raphaela Milagres sits down with Team Evogen two weeks before the 2018 Bikini Olympia. Go behind the scenes with the beautiful Brazilian to talk about her diet, supplementation and training program as she prepares to take the stage for the biggest contest of her life with the full support of Hany Rambod’s Evogen Nutrition.



Oats 1/3 cup

5 egg whites


3oz sweet potatoes

4oz protein


Veggies 4oz

Protein 4oz

Brown rice 2oz



Protein 4oz



Avocado 3oz

Protein 5oz

Sweet potatoes 2oz


5 egg whites






1 scoop Naturals Evogreens

1 scoop Naturals Carnigen 

1 scoop Lipocide IR



1 Capsule Lipocide Xtreme

1 scoop Naturals AminoJect

1 scoop Naturals Carnigen



1 scoop Naturals AminoJect

1 scoop Naturals IsoJect

Hany Rambod & Hadi Choopan – FST7 Shoulders in Germany

Evogen Founder and 19X Olympia Winning Coach Hany Rambod got together with Team Evogen Elite athlete and client Hadi Choopan to blast FST-7 Shoulders! Watch The Pro Creator™ take the Persian Wolf through adjustments in his form during his delt workout in Germany!

EVP Xtreme was designed to help facilitate extreme training, to make your muscles POP with incredible volumization and vascularity, all the while putting you in the zone to train your ass off.

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