VIP Train with The Pro Creator Boys vs. Girls Side Laterals

In this bonus episode, the boys take on the girls doing side laterals rep for rep. Follow Amaud Hines, the 2019 Train with the Pro Creator VIP experience winner with Hany Rambod 19X Olympia winning coach and the rest of Team Evogen to Metroflex Long Beach.

First up IFBB Pro Andrei Deiu takes on IFBB Figure Pro Sandra Grajales. Next Amaud Hines takes on NPC Figure Champ Lauren Findley. In the third round, Team Evogen’s Abed Adawi squares off with IFBB Bikini Pro Raphaela Milagres. In the final round, Men’s Physique Champ Frank Bugner goes rep for rep with IFBB Bikini Pro Ashley Jenelle.

The teams finished up with two wins each, so Rambod suggested a sudden death tie-breaker. Our VIP winner Amaud stepped up to represent the boys with Sandra rep’n the girls side by side to decide the champ. Who do you think won the showdown in overtime? Follow behind the scenes for all the commentary in this first ever boys vs. girls competition!

Evogen’s VIP Winner Trains with Hany Rambod and Jeremy Buendia, Part II

In episode II, follow Amaud Hines, the 2019 Train with the Pro Creator VIP experience winner with Hany Rambod 19X Olympia winning coach to the famous Firehouse in Venice Beach before the team stops at Gold’s Venice for a tour of The Mecca.

Amaud and Hany head over to Metroflex Long Beach to meet up with 4X Olympia Men’s Physique Champ Jeremy Buendia to train FST-7 chest in a special 1on1 training session. Hines wanted to know what it was like to train with the champ and quickly found out why Rambod and Buendia have been so successful together.

“During lunch I learned that Amaud won the Overall Men’s Physique title at one of my Spectrum show. So I wanted to show him what it takes to train to be the best. So I had Jeremy come down and we put him through a tough FST-7 workout. He hung in there and never backed off when I pushed him. That’s what it takes to be a champion. I’m really happy he won the VIP contest because I know he’ll put what he learned with me to good use when he gets back to the gym to prep for the 2019 Arnold Amateur. Good luck!” said Rambod.

Amaud hung rep for rep with Jeremy getting into static holds and squeezing after each exercise to pump excess blood into the muscle.

Evogen’s Train with The Pro Creator VIP Experience In Los Angeles, Part I

Hany Rambod and Team Evogen Elite athletes Andrei Deiu and Raphaela Milagres drove out to LAX to pick up Amaud Hines, the 2019 Train with the Pro Creator VIP experience winner. Amaud was greeted by The Pro Creator before they headed over to Venice Beach. The team walked the beach before stopping to take photos at the infamous Muscle Beach.

The crew then headed over to Metroflex Long Beach for a team training session where Hines was given a gym bag full of Evogen products and swag. Amaud teamed up with Hany and Andrei for the team training session with Lauren Findley, Sandra Grajales, Raphaela Milagres, Ashley Jenelle, Frank Bugner, and Abed Adawi. Hines hung tough with Rambod and the team in his first FST-7 workout featuring static holds and much more before finally throwing down in a men vs. women challenge.

Amaud went on to say, “I thought I trained hard back home, but this experience was on a whole other level. I’m honored to train with Hany Rambod and the rest of the team. I can’t wait to get back home and put what I learned here to good use for my contest prep.”

Look for part II to drop as Amaud trains FST-7 chest 1on1 with Hany Rambod and 4X Olympia Champ Jeremy Buendia.

Evogen’s VIP Training Experience with Jeremy, Ocean and Hany, Part III

Part III of III

Go behind the scenes in this bonus episode with 4X Physique Olympia Champ Jeremy Buendia and VIP contest winner Ocean Trail at Metroflex Long Beach. In this unique perspective Jeremy talks about the early days of his bodybuilding career, signing with Evogen, and his perspective on results oriented nutrition. Then Buendia preps Ocean for her first FST-7 training experience with Hany Rambod and Lauren Findley. The Pro Creator then joins the conversation before they get down and go hard on FST-7 shoulders.

Missed out on Parts I and II of Evogen’s VIP Training Experience? No worries, catch up on Part I here, or Part II here.

Check out the behind the scenes photos below of VIP Contest Winner Ocean Trail training alongside Team Evogen at Metroflex Gym in Long Beach, CA.

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Gallery: Lauren Findley Blasts Back & Biceps at Pearl Street Gym

Check out these photos of Team Evogen athlete Lauren Findley blasting back & biceps at Pearl Street Gym in Long Branch, NJ, where earlier this year Hany Rambod hosted the first ever Evogen Physiques Workshop. Want to give Lauren’s workout a try for yourself? Take a peek at her videos and follow along to build your own bulging biceps or bad-ass v-taper.

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