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Lauren Spreads Her Wings with Hany

Lauren Spreads Her Wings with Hany


Are you trying to build your lats and back muscles? Lauren Findley has an amazing physique but is always looking to improve, and lucky for her, Hany Rambod knows how to get the job done and achieve the results Lauren desires.

22X Olympia Winning Coach Hany Rambod helps NPC Figure competitor Lauren Findley spread her wings with this grueling FST-7 back routine. FST-7 is one of the best methods to help build any body part, especially those that are lagging behind others and you need to bring up.

Try it for yourself to build a bigger, stronger back and achieve that coveted V-taper.

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CLICK HERE to download full workout

FST-7 Back


1 scoop EVP Plus

1 Scoop Lipocide IR


1 scoop AminoJect


1 scoop GlycoJect

1 Scoop Cell K.E.M.

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