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Hany And Jeremy In Kuwait - Part 1

Hany And Jeremy In Kuwait - Part 1


Check out Hany and Jeremy as they enjoy the hospitality of Health House Nutrition and Platinum Gym in Kuwait.

From training to food to seminars about nutrition, supplementation, and FST-7, these two cover some major ground!

If you want some knowledge bombs flying overhead, sound the alarm and make sure you watch this video. Not only is Hany one of the best coaches in the world, but then you have Jeremy who is no stranger to stepping on the Olympia stage and taking home the hardware year after year.

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Check out this video and stay tuned for the rest of the series of Hany and Jeremy in Kuwait.

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  • Hi ,
    Would like to know how can I get your supplements here in Kuwait? Is there a way for shipping the items to Kuwait?

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