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FST7 Tip: Hany's Methods For Drying Out

FST7 Tip: Hany's Methods For Drying Out

In this week's FST-7 Tip of The Week powered by Evogen Nutrition, 22X Olympia winning coach Hany Rambod talks about different methods for drying out.

The Pro Creator likes to use natural diuretics in the final weeks of content prep. Hany recommends doing A DRY RUN with 1-2 capsules of Evogen SuperDry™ per day 2-3 weeks out from the competition to see how the body responds. The last thing you want to do is try something new in the final days of your prep. 

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The dosage really depends on how much water and sodium the athlete is taking in. By doing A DRY RUN, Rambod is able to test how the body responds so he knows how to dial it in during the final 3-5 days of prep.

Rambod also notes that everyone is different. Every contest prep is different. 

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