FST-7 Tip Hany Rambod Helps You Build Big Full Biceps with Preacher Curls

FST-7 Tip Hany Rambod Helps You Build Big Full Biceps with Preacher Curls

FST-7 Tip of The Week powered by Evogen Nutrition. 22X Olympia winning coach Hany Rambod provides tips for building big, full biceps using standard and reverse preacher curls. 

Have you been finding it nearly impossible to build big, full biceps? You're not alone. Many people look in the mirror and don’t feel like they’re really filling out their sleeves the way they want. Lucky for you, The Pro Creator knows a thing or two about building massive and full biceps and one of his secrets is using preacher curls.

Preacher curls have seemed to be forgotten about these days and it's a shame as they can provide many benefits when looking to build big, full biceps.

In this video, Hany Rambod is going to show you some variety when incorporating preacher curls in your routine to help you see improved muscle growth and fill out those sleeves. You’ll learn tips and tricks when utilizing this specific exercise and how to perform it to help see the best results from your training.

There’s nothing like big arms to help create a physique that demands attention. Don’t miss this video to create big, full biceps thanks to standard and reverse preacher curls.

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Follow The Pro Creator as NPC teenage natural bodybuilding champion David Butler demonstrates the proper form.


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