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Jeremy Wins His 4th Olympia and Hany Wins His 19th

Jeremy Wins His 4th Olympia and Hany Wins His 19th

Everyone here at Evogen is ecstatic about yesterday's dominant performance by elite physique coach Hany Rambod and Team Evogen superstar Jeremy Buendia.

Many companies come to the Olympia just to display their new products for the masses and cheer on their athletes in competition. However, at Evogen we have the added pressure of seeing our CEO Hany Rambod coach the world's best physique and bodybuilding athletes to 1st place finishes.

Everyone is chasing his athletes. No coach has come close to Hany's winning streak and at times it's challenging to balance coaching with running a successful supplement brand and a balanced family life.

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However, the passion and synergy Jeremy and Hany have for the sport of physique perfection trickles down into everything we do at Evogen Nutrition and we respect their sacrifices. They help all of us strive to live healthier and more focused lives which is why all of us here at Evogen want the exact same for you.

Watch the full BeXtreme War4Four Series here.

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  • I’m currently in EL SALVADOR Central America. I lived my whole life in USA. I currently went back to hitting the weight after doing calisthenics for almost 6yrs. I’ve been lifting since 96’. Is your company interested in promoting or selling EVOGEN PRODUCTS in Central America or Mexico?
    Please contact me if your interested in breaking new grounds.

  • when evogen supplements will be available in indian.

    Vignesh mohan
  • Es muy genial lo que hacen me gustaria ser parte de ustedes soy de argentina


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