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Hany Rambod's 70 Seconds on FST-7 Single Arm Spider Hammer Curl


Today Hany Rambod the "Pro Creator" is featuring approximately 70 seconds of tips on FST-7 single arm spider hammer curl.

Hany likes to use two variations with FST-7 single arm spider hammer curl.

Both the standard single arm preacher/spider curl and hammer preacher/spider curl have their benefits.

When using the single arm variety you can achieve a better contraction than you would typically get using a barbell or cambered bar due to the ability to pronate the wrist.

Use a full range of motion going all the down, all the way up, and pronating the wrist at the top. Use a moderate weight to isolate the bicep. If the weight is too heavy then the deltoid will engage to assist. When the deltoid engages your shoulder bares the burden and the bicep is no longer isolated.

When you want to hit more of the brachialis then switch to the hammer grip. Using the hammer curl will thicken up your arm which translates into more width on front poses.

Use FST-7 single arm spider hammer curl as a foundation movement rather than an actual FST-7 set. The rest period will be too long when alternating arms to implement as FST-7.

Foundation movement should be 3 sets x 8-10 reps.

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