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Hany Rambod's 70 Seconds on FST-7 Overhead Tricep Extension (High Pulley)


Hany Rambod the "Pro Creator" and coach to 22 Olympia titles and counting as of 2022 is featuring approximately 70 seconds on FST-7 tips overhead tricep extension using the high pulley with the rope attachment.

This can be used for a foundation movement, FST-7 sets, or even FST-7 blood starving sets.

Hany uses Jeremy Buendia to demonstrate a blood starving set using the rope attachment with two variations on grip. Both isolate the triceps. Turning the wrists at the extension when the triceps fully contract with the palms out focuses on the outer head of the tricep.

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Start with turning the wrists out until fatigue sets in and then utilize a neutral palm or wrists straight grip. In order to go to complete failure end the set with partials when you can no longer do full range of motion reps.

For blood starving sets keep the arms up between sets inhibiting arterial blood flow. This will trigger a growth response by allowing a lot more blood flow when the arms come back down.

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