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7 Best "Baby-Got-Back" Builders

These exercises are listed in the order that Amanda typically tackles them, but feel free to switch things up!

TRI-SET Part 1 (3 sets of 15-20 reps)


Target Muscle Groups: MIDDLE BACK+LATS

Try not to jerk the dumbbell around here. The goal is to isolate the back muscles, so we want smooth, fluid movements.

2.) BENT OVER BARBELL ROW (wide grip)

Target Muscle Groups: MIDDLE BACK+LATS

Make sure to keep your back flat, bend at the hip AND bend your knees.


Target Muscle Groups: LOWER BACK

Resist the urge to use your momentum on this one and use this opportunity to really squeeze your lower back muscles. Tighten your abs to support your back and try to keep your neck relaxed.

small-EVOGEN WERNER PULL UP 0516 copy TRI-SET Part 2 (3 sets of 15-20 reps)


Target Muscle Groups: LATS (minor muscle: biceps)

Be sure not to swing down here. Remember: smooth, fluid movements.


Target Muscle Groups: LATS (minor muscle: biceps)

Avoid using the momentum on the recoil and steadily pull down on the bar at a consistent pace. Be sure to keep the bar in front of your face for good form.


Target Muscle Groups: LATS+MIDDLE BACK

Avoid using the momentum on the recoil and steadily pull down on the bar at a consistent pace. Be sure to keep the bar in front of your face for good form.


7.) CABLE ROW (3 sets)

Target Muscle Groups: MIDDLE BACK+LATS

Burn out! Do as many reps as you can on a low weight setting. Keep your body erect and isolate your target muscles.

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