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The Pro Creator® SHRED-Fast™ Stack –Lipocide™ and Carnigen™

It’s something in which the Pro Creator® Hany Rambod has demonstrated countless times by shaping the most impressive physiques the world has ever seen. The goal, which so many have trouble achieving, is finding the correct balance between increasing metabolic rate, controlling appetite, and shedding fat all while preserving muscle mass. This balance also requires enough energy to power you through intense training sessions while leaving no excess Calories to be stored in your system. Learning how to achieve this balance can take years of trial and error. Fortunately, Evogen Nutrition takes the guesswork out of the process with the SHRED-Fast Stack. This precisely formulated stack was blueprinted after years of working as an aesthetic architect with top physiques. The formulations have contributed to the success of thousands of competitors, and now this stack is finally available to you. When Lipocide and Carnigen are combined, the synergy of these two products is extremely powerful.†*  


THE WORLD’S MOST INNOVATIVE METABOLIC ACCELERATOR†* It’s this keen understanding of physique remodeling that lead to the formulation of one of Hany’s best kept secrets, Lipocide. This real world tested formulation has been his “go to” tool to get the best athletes in the world shredded and dialed in. By curbing appetite, accelerating your metabolism, and heightening mental drive for hours, Lipocide is a key component of a complete weight loss solution.†*  


ELITE ENERGY AND RECOVERY CATALYST†* Evogen Nutrition is known for pure innovation and hard-hitting supplements. Carnigen is the latest ultra-premium and potent carnitine blend which utilizes the newest carnitine formulation technology to convert fat to energy. It’s the perfect stimulant-free fat-loss solution before cardio or training. Carnigen utilizes four forms of carnitine and tastes truly delicious. Try it and see!†*  




                     Download the SHRED-Fast Stack plan. Click here for a printable .pdf file. FOR OPTIMAL FAT LOSS RESULTS stack Carnigen with Lipocide™, Evogen's metabolic accelerator. This SHRED-Fast Stack is best used in a fasted-cardio state to accelrate fat loss by utilizing stored body fat for energy. Take 1-2 servings of Carnigen with 1-2 servings of Lipocide 20-30 minutes before performing fasted cardio in your preferred method of conditioning. For best results, use the SHRED-Fast Stack with a H.I.I.T. training program. Like all the formulations created by Evogen Nutrition, these formulations came from years of trial and error, and were perfected while being used to support the top physiques from around the world. Whether you combine Lipocide for a rapid fat burning stack or take it on its own for stimulant-free fat-loss, Carnigen’s combination of effect, taste, and price cannot be beat.†* *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. † When combined with a proper exercise and nutrition program. Please consult with your physician before using this or any other dietary supplement product.
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