3 Supplement Cold Prevention Hacks

When cold weather hits your area, many find themselves with the sniffles or even a cold. This can cause you to lose time at work and in the gym. While it’s possible to catch a cold any time of year, winter and spring seem to be the most common. Millions of adults in the United States suffer from colds each year. Some of them can even average 2-3 colds per year, unfortunately. To help prevent you from getting sick, here are three supplement cold prevention hacks you can implement to ward off this common illness.

1. Utilize probiotics

For many, this might be one of the most shocking supplement cold prevention hacks on this list. Many do not think of or even consider probiotics for their ability to fight off the common cold. Most associate probiotics with helping to keep the digestive tract healthy and to provide it with the good bacteria you need to maintain health.

However, probiotics can be helpful at preventing the common cold. When you utilize probiotics, you are providing your body with good bacteria that can help destroy and rid the body of bad bacteria that can do you harm. Additionally, if you haven’t read this article prior to catching a cold, by simply supplementing with probiotics even when you are sick can help to minimize the severity of your symptoms.

2. Vitamin C

What’s the one thing that everyone tells you to take when you’re sick or trying to prevent yourself from getting sick during the wicked cold season? Orange juice, right? They tell you to increase your vitamin C consumption in an effort to ward off viruses and help destroy any free radicals roaming around your body that you could have picked up. This vitamin has the ability to help enhance and boost your immune system which can help you stay healthy and not fall victim to the common cold. For this reason, it makes the list of top supplement cold prevention hacks.

Vitamin C comes in many forms including green leafy vegetables (such as kale which also has many helpful micronutrients to improve your health). It has been found that utilizing vitamin C can lower your risk of getting a cold by as much as 85%.

3. Pomegranates

Pomegranate extract makes the perfect supplement to help do battle against the nasties that can cause you to come down with a cold. It’s hard to keep this off our supplement cold prevention hacks due to their incredibly useful antioxidant contents (pomegranate polyphenols). Antioxidants have the ability to seek out and destroy free radicals as well as act as an anti-inflammatory to help prevent you from contracting a cold.

The research conducted using this superfruit has shown that the antioxidants from the fruit have the ability to help prevent various illnesses which include things like the common cold. Some people prefer to eat pomegranates, but it’s extremely easy and convenient to use a supplement extract.

Looking for an all-in-one supplement?

Evogen Nutrition created a product called Evogreens to be your one-stop shop for providing your body with various fruits and vegetables to help keep you healthy – all in an easy and convenient powder form. The formula also includes 2 billion CFU probiotics as well as 150mg Vitagranate (a powerful pomegranate extract) to boost immunity and help prevent you from getting sick. If you care about your health and want to steer clear of a cold this season, this is a must have!


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