Cody Montgomery

Birthdate: August 6, 1994
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 186 pounds (contest); 220 pounds (off-season)
Current residence: McKinney, Texas
Career highlights:
2010 NPC Europa Super Show 1st Teen Division; 2011 NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic, 1st Teen Division and 1st Novice Middleweight; 2012 NPC Teen Nationals 1st Light Heavyweight and Overall

Cody Montgomery started training to get bigger and stronger for football. But slowly, as he started to see results from his hard work in the gym, he took the advice of a local Dallas bodybuilder who suggested he step on a competitive bodybuilding stage.

Montgomery took the advice and ran with it, winning the Teen Division of the NPC Europa Super Show in his first contest at just 16 years old. Since then, he’s won his class — and the Teen Division — at every contest he’s entered.

In July, Cody earned the right to call himself the best teenage bodybuilder in the country by winning the prestigious NPC Teen National Championships.

“I really didn't know much about what bodybuilding was or what it entailed, but I said what the heck and did that first show,“ Cody says. “I ended up winning and was immediately hooked after I stepped on stage that first time.“

Q. What do you do for a living?
A. I am a full time student in the Dallas Area. I am extremely thankful to God that I have been blessed with the opportunities I have been given to focus solely on school and bodybuilding.

Q. Long term goal in the sport of bodybuilding?
A. My long term goal is definitely to get my IFBB Pro card and to be one of the top pros. My ultimate goal is to one day walk on the Olympia stage and to one day be Mr. Olympia.

Q. How did you get into bodybuilding/start competing?
A. I started bodybuilding when I was a freshman in high school. I had been working out with my older brother training to get bigger and stronger for football when I was approached by a local wholesale supplement shop owner. He offered me a small sponsorship if I competed in the Europa Dallas Super Show. Ever since I first stepped on stage at that show, I knew it was something I wanted to do for a very long time.

Q. What are your plans for 2013?
A. 2012 has been a huge year for me, winning Teen Nationals, getting my first ever magazine feature and now signing with Evogen Nutrition. For the remainder of this year and into the early months of next year, I will be in off-season working with Hany to make gains and improve my physique for the 2013 season. As far as the latter part of 2013, I will be back to defend my title at Teen Nationals. Trying to be put down in the history books as the first ever two-time overall winner.

Q. What do you plan to change about your body in 2013?
A. Now that I am working with Hany Rambod, we plan to continue to make gains and fill out my physique and to employ FST-7 training to help bring up muscle density and fullness in certain areas.

Q. Favorite exercise -
A. Mine would have to be squats. Like everyone says, it's a love-hate relationship. But since I started training, squats have always stayed a staple. They are the most crucial exercise for the whole leg, I believe. It is also an exercise that you can really push yourself every time you do them, through reps, sets, and weight.

Q. Favorite body part -
A. Back and legs. They are both two of the hardest, longest workouts of the week. You really have to suck it up and kick your ass to have a good set of legs and back.

Q. How many years have you been an active bodybuilder?
A. I did my first show in 2010 but had been focusing on bodybuilding about a year prior to that. So actively competing between 3 and 4 years. Before that I just trained and ate whatever, not until 2010 did I really start to learn about nutrition and bodybuilding training.

Q. Shows competed in?
A. I've competed in three shows total. The last of the three shows, of course, was Teen Nationals. I would like at this point in my career to compete in only one maybe two shows a year so I have time to improve every time I step on stage.

Q. What was the first equipment you trained on?
A. I first started training on Lifefitness equipment at Lifetime Fitness. I was fortunate enough to have some of the best equipment, machines and free weights there are. I have continued to train with some machines--mostly hammer strength stuff now as well as free weights.

Q. What made you become a bodybuilder?
A. I was approached by a bodybuilder who owned a wholesale supplement shop and he introduced me to the sport of bodybuilding. I was immediately hooked when I saw physiques such as Jay Cutler and Branch Warren in the magazines.

Q. How did you know bodybuilding would be your passion?
A. As soon as I stepped on stage for the first time, I just knew. I had put all this work and effort into that one moment and every bit of it was worth it in the end.

Q. How did you get your start?
A. When I started training for football, slowly it became more about weight training than focusing on football movements as I began to notice my body changing...I never looked back!

Q. What do you do to prepare for a show?
A. You must have a timeline in order to prepare correctly and to be your best on stage, so that is the first thing I do. Then I make sure I am ready mentally and that my body is ready as well. When I am in prep mode, it's always game time and there is never a relaxing moment. I am always doing something to better myself for that stage.

Q. How do you take advantage of the offseason?
A. It is less stressful, so I enjoy the time with my family, girlfriend, and friends. I go out to eat with them and on vacation which is a rarity during prep. I even eat junk food here and there but am still very focused and driven even in the off-season. That is just my competitive nature I've always had.

Q. Who is your inspiration in this sport?
A. Oddly enough, I have the honor to be on the Evogen Team with one of my inspirations--Evogen Nutrition athlete, Steve Kuclo. I've looked up to Steve since I first saw him at seminar years ago at Metroflex Plano. He is a younger pro that is proving age is not a factor. I also look up to Jay Cutler and his business like approach to bodybuilding.

Q. What kind of physique are you aspiring towards? Which specific bodybuilder?
A. There are so many great physiques out there but I think the new breed is Phil Heath. His physique doesn't have any weak points and continues to get freakier. I am just pushing myself to continue to get bigger and better every year.

Q. How has bodybuilding enhanced your life and how do you/will you use it to improve the life of others?
A. It’s shown me how to work hard, have extreme dedication during long, grueling preps, and given me the confidence to try new things knowing bodybuilding is the hardest sport and most time-consuming, 24/7 job there is. There is never an "off" day.

Q. What advice would you give to others that want to break into bodybuilding?
A. One of the mottos I try to go by is, "what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger." I feel this is especially true with bodybuilding. Always put your all into everything you, training, cardio, and even sleeping enough. Never half-ass a prep for a show and definitely never be scared to push yourself.

Cody's Training Split (contest prep)

Day Bodypart(s) trained
1 Legs (heavy)
2 Chest, shoulders, calves
3 Back
4 Legs (light/pump)
5 Shoulders
6 Arms and calves
7 Off

Cody's Cardio (contest prep)

Day Type of Cardio Duration (minutes)
1 HIIT stairs 60 minutes
2 HIIT stairs 60 minutes
3 HIIT stairs 60 minutes
4 Off
5 HIIT stairs 60 minutes
6 HIIT stairs 60 minutes
7 HIIT stairs 60 minutes

Cody's Contest Meal Plan

Wake Up: 1 scoop Cell K.E.M.

Meal 1:
1 cup oats
10 egg whites

Meal 2:
100 g sweet potato
7 oz extra lean ground beef

Preworkout: 2 scoops EVP

During workout:
2 scoops Glycoject
1 scoop Cell K.E.M.

Postworkout: 2 scoops Cell K.E.M.

Meal 3:
1 cup white rice
7 oz white fish

Meal 4:
1/2 cup white rice
7 oz white fish

Meal 5:
1 salad
7 oz extra lean ground turkey

Meal 6:
2 whole eggs
8 egg whites
2 cups green beans

Before Bed: 1 scoop Cell K.E.M.